About us

  • "Innovative design everyday"

  • Leedeyeon was founded in 2016 by an Industrial designer YT with the launch of the Cork Speaker. With a single goal in mind, collaborative networks of highly qualified talents around YT has turned a mere idea of Cork speaker into the development of a tangible end product that adds values to lifestyle of users across the globe. Leedeyeon’s up-and-coming design crowdsourcing platform is the systemetic approach to accelerate product development cycle by involving collective networks of talents that aids in ideation, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and logistics. As with any other product in the world, tomorrow’s products and future of Leedeyeon starts from mere ideas in our head. For it is those same ideas that shapes our tomorrow and that define us, Leedeyeon strives to enrich our lives by positive and healthy thoughts and ideas.



    • LEEDEYEON, 2035 sunset lake road, suite B-2, Newark, Delaware, United States
    • hello@leedeyeon.com


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